Easy Way To Calculate Maintenance Calories

Cal Maintenace

In order to calculate maintenance calories you don’t need anything special just weight yourself, a little observation few calculation and you are there.

Cal Maintenace

What are maintenance calories?

It is the calories required to maintain your body as it is and how you will use this info it’s solely up to you. In order to lose weight you should subtract from 250 to 500 cal from your daily level, if your goal is to gain muscle then you should increase from 250 up to 500 cal depending how hard is your training.

Follow the steps below:

Step 1

Get a scale, write down your weight in pounds, then multiply your weight by 11, if kilos convert to pounds 1 kg = 2.2 lbs. (pound). This is the rough number of calories that average person burn during the day. Example: a 180 lb. man will calculate 180 x 11 = 1980.

Step 2

Now determine your metabolic factor. You could do this based on your age and life experience. Your metabolism can be Slow, Moderate or Fast. If you gain weight easily then you have Slow metabolism. If you maintain your weight easy and can gain or lose weight as easy as you maintain it then you have Moderate metabolism and if you can’t gain weight no matter what you do or eat then you should have Fast metabolism. Follow the guide line below to determine the metabolic factor:



Metabolic Factor


Metabolic Factor


Metabolic Factor


Under 30


30 – 40


Over 40










Step 3

Now you take you result from first step and multiply with factor. Example: a 180 lb. 25 year old man with fast metabolism would calculate like this: 1980 x 0.5 = 990.

Step 4

Final step is to sum together the figure from step one and the metabolic factor calculation. Example:  Our 180 lb. man will sum 1980 + 990 = 2970. Our man with fast metabolism in order to maintain his weight as it is he will need to eat 2970 cal/day.

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